Meet Francesco Vadori

Associate - Italy


Junior Associate of PANETTA – Italy

Francesco is an expert in Criminal Law, Project Management and the socio-legal profiles in the world of new technologies. The main areas of activity he is interested in are process efficiency, personal data protection, Cybersecurity and implementation of Artificial Intelligence technologies.
He regularly supports seniors in assisting major multinational groups in developing and managing complex personal data flows and architectures, advanced marketing and profiling programs, and Artificial Intelligence Based and Big Data Analytics technologies.
Personal Assistant to the Managing Partner and Junior Counsel of PANETTA Law Firm, he attended the Master of Data Protection & Data Protection Designer course.
After specializing in criminology, he then graduated cum laude with an experimental thesis on the principle of effectiveness in Criminal Law, subsequently presenting three research projects at the University of Bologna. The first, is on the application of complex systems theory for the redefinition of law; the second, is on the development of AI-Based systems for calculating the effectiveness of a legal system. The third, lastly, concerns robotics and the adoption of so-called “tokku zones” for the redevelopment of underdeveloped areas.

Trained under the guidance of Lawyers Angelo Polo and Andreas Tscholl, he had the opportunity to assist them in criminal trials of major media relevance.

Between 2018 and 2020 he was a teacher and ghostwriter of commercials, soundtracks, and short stories. Passionate about combat sports, music, and film, he has a strong passion for gaming, robotics, and the application of Artificial Intelligence in the legal field.